Thursday, November 03, 2005

Some Things Really Are Amazing

Someone calling him or herself “Amazing” has posted a couple of comments on this blog to which we would like to respond. Firstly "Amazing", I’d like you to tell me where I said that I represent all freelancers. I didn’t. The opinions and ideas expressed here represent some freelancers. The number of other blogs that have expressed similar views supports our ideas.

Mudslinging and name calling isn’t my style. Constructive criticism with facts, that may promote change, I like. If you would comment with your facts that refute the facts, opinions and arguments that have been put forth on this blog, we would welcome your input. And, that goes for anyone else with facts, ideas or opinions on either side of this issue. If that's you, please comment on the blog or e-mail us directly at (Any comments that have been deleted from this blog were spam.)

A word of advice to "Amazing". Just being pro-union doesn't mean you are anything more than a follower. Having ideas of one's own, sometimes creates change.


Blogger Aigle De Nuit said...

Hi Watchdog.

I read your site frequently and respect your point of view. I don't comment only because,since I am not a freelancer, I don't feel qualified to comment at this time on your take on the contract. Perhaps later, but I am pretty busy trying to translate it into my own point of view as my own personal priority.

Given this post you may want to reconsider the wording of your title...that may have been the trigger that led to your unfortunately being flamed. I only mean that constructively and I understand that the "all" in the title is directed mostly in the sense of "you may speak for some but are fighting for all", right?.

If I am mistaken, I apologize, please don't let a few tall, dark and gruesome strangers steal your focus.

I wish you the best of luck in your fight and will keep reading.


5/11/05 17:22  
Blogger Amazing said...

well, FW. I do have a comment - several in fact ...

1. thank you for treating me with courtesy (!)

2. I have to tell you that I have a serious problem with anonymous bloggers who appoint themselves to advocate for a group, a specific group.

3. I will try to find a copy of my brief exposition on this issue, and share it with you.

4. I am already famous, accepted and loved, and do not need to see my posts up anywhere. My comments are for you.
Do what you like with them.

7/11/05 18:28  
Blogger Amazing said...

well, I think it's brief, by my standards

... and do understand that it was written in the, shall we say, the heat of the moment (a rabid moment)

nevertheless it is perhaps not so amazing - merely brilliant

(feel free - as I have any say - to delete and not post)
But you asked, and now you have it ...

7/11/05 18:34  
Blogger Amazing said...

Hey Drone babe

What's up, cootie-breath?

Listen sweetheart, the Internet is my bitch.

Have I got your attention? Because that's what media is all about, isn't it? First getting the attention, and then keeping it. Just like a radio talk-show host will start off by saying something provocative, hoping a listener will react, call in, and say something that will provoke others to call. It makes the job easier. Host gets paid, the callers who contribute get diddlysquat. A nice balance, until the public wises up.

Drone (and that handful of twits who are your fanbase), I think it unfair to leave you deluded, and that I must come clean and tell you that I do not work for the CBC. I have nothing more to do with the CBC than any other viewer/listener in Canada. It would be unfair to the CBC to leave you with the wrong impression, and neither of us want to see the CBC get treated unfairly. After all, it's a Crown Corporation, so both you and I have a stake in it's welfare.

You know, Drone, you really are a bit of an idiot. A creative, bleeding-heart kind of idiot, but a bit of an idiot nonetheless. Your friends who know your real identity are obviously fond of you, and loyal and protective. But they are nitwits, so how can you be satisfied with such a low caliber of followers?
I, on the other hand, am, as you know, Amazing. And way famous already, with countless people in love with me. Intelligent ones, too.

There's so much you need to learn, and I'm going to make an effort to expand the depth of your wisdom. At no cost to you, I might add.

As I said, Drone, the Internet is my bitch.
It became clear to me when Prince Charles said in a recent interview that Technology is meant to be our slave, and not the other way around.

(speaking of bitches - that's an unpleasant word for some people, those who are not dog breeders or veterinarians - I got hooked on the word after watching American Pimp - also the word "ho")

So let's start with a few preliminary lessons; truths, if you will:

I did once work for the CBC, for about 15 min., doing an interview with Creedence Clearwater Revival before anyone knew who they were. Good luck tracking down my identity. But as you intimated, you already know who I am. Thanks to Antonia Zerbasis.
I did email her, telling her what I was doing, even sending a picture (of my Amazing good looks).
She indicated that she knew your identity, as if I cared. And I don't.
I neglected to ask for confidentiality from a reporter, a responsible reporter, but then I'm really not trying to hide, like the Drone is.
So I know what you're referring to when you say ...
"I just hope Carrie, Joe, and Justin forgive me for letting the goblin follow me into the site. I know they'll know what to do if their pest problem becomes too much. Hint: it's starts with Z..."
Zerbasis, and any of you for that matter, are free to call the police or Guild goons or Guild goblins and ghouls or whoever. I'll keep the porch-light on.

You may want to think before you do that, or it could be your ass in court.
I, however, couldn't care less what you want to do to me. Do whatever you want, I don't care. I'm untouchable. I'm untouchable because I'm not afraid of you.
And I know the law.
You see, Drone, the Internet is governed by the laws of the country that the user resides in. In this case, Canada.
So I, you, and everyone else, are governed by the law, both criminal and civil.
If you think you have a complaint against me, that has any legal merit, go for it.
I'm not adverse to a fair hearing in a court of law - you are. I'm not afraid of you and your goon friends, partly because the law will protect me from any unpleasant conduct on your part. On the other hand, it is you who are afraid of the light of day - is it that you can't handle the truth?

Most of what went on in our little dialogue was like a tennis game with words, but some interesting things occurred during the process.
The one I found most irritating was when one blogger tried to pretend that she was scared - because she was A GIRL! That was so disingenuous, so phony.
I'm completely responsible for what I say, and publish. I am not responsible for the adjectives other people use to describe me or my comments - they're free to say whatever their little brains compel them to say - it means nothing to me.

Like you, Drone, many people over the centuries have used disguises to affect a social good. Let's see, there was Deep Throat, Daniel Elsberg, and my favorite hero - Zorro.
We also had a talk-show host once in Vancouver who called himself Mr. X - not especially an original moniker.
I bring this up to point out one of the many aspects of your performance on the web, Drone.
As an unidentified publisher, you are actually pretending to be someone, or something, - a creation in your own mind - and not yourself. You are still you, but not you. Is this too hard for you?
By presenting yourself as "the Drone", and with little fear of getting caught, you are free to say outrageous and stupid things, because you will never have to account in real life for what you do (unless of course, you break the law). So you can live in a pretend world as a pretend person - the sort of thing that often emboldens people to go just a bit further, just a little more over-the-top, in their acting out of their blog "personality". Like you, believing you can can exercise you right to free speech as an anonymous voice, saying things that would normally require more courage than you possess in your real life. This seems obvious to you perhaps, now that I've pointed it out, but it's important to note when people turn absurdly serious over something they read posted by an anonymous person. It's Pretendville, people. Get over it.
Real life is different, and sometimes so dull and boring that the only reason for living is to blog! As in your case, Drone.
Poor Drone, like thousand of others, had to suffer from being locked out of their jobs, and pay their bills from a strike fund. Boo-hoo.
The fact is, I came in late to this CBC blogworld, but had heard that quite a number of people were killing time blogging, and using it to vent. Hey, whatever gets you off - off your TV coma-inducing couch and having fun on the Internet.
However, slight problem, once the lockout was over, the adrenalin rush that people had gotten from their new-found "power" was hard to let go of.
So some, like Drone, decided that they were going to continue blogging, and try to hold on to their newly-found fan-base. Anything but simply return to their boring jobs alone.
Only difference, they were now going to blog from INSIDE the CBC! Traitors, really.
Trying now to undermine their employer, professing that they want to "change the system" - FROM WITHIN! That is, from within their cushy jobs.
(What are you saying? Your job is not cushy? Then leave. There are many others who will gladly take your place. And be thankful, even grateful for it.)
But blogging anonymously from inside the workplace, is, to my addled way of thinking, unfair and stupid. Unfair to everyone who works at and for the CBC. In fact, I consider it reprehensible.
I don't especially care about your experiences during the lockout. That's your problem, not mine, and don't think you can try and make it my problem. I have no sympathy for you, or any other pseudo-civil servant. It was your choice to work for the CBC, and you're probably and frequently bragging about your cushy job to other people.
A bump on your road to financial security like the Lockout is the price you pay for working where you are, for putting your welfare in the hands of faceless Guild officials, for choosing to apply for work in a place that has clean washrooms.
Heaven forbid that you should count your blessings.

Yes, by all means, rise up, and demand better treatment from your superiors. But is it necessary in a civil society to resort to disguises and humiliating others in order to get the results you want? No, it isn't.
But it sure is fun, isn't it?
(man, you must have worked overtime for that Humpty Dumpty graphic, not the least of which was the, no doubt, copyrighted material you "expropriated" to make fun of me - incidentally, I'm much more a Troll than a goblin)
So the Drone pushed on, possibly encouraged by a certain Star columnist, and certainly by an obviously very very small band of losers, who lacked the deft design skills of the Drone.
I object. I object not to your freedom of expression or your choice of background color. I object to your writing bad things about your employer, to revealing internal documents (more on this in a moment) and to holding up others to public ridicule. All the while staying "safe" in your secret identity, and pretending (in your mind) that you are somehow representative of others, and of their views, when, in fact, you are only authorized to speak for yourself and no one else. No one else.
Because you are not the Guild. You, and the others who work at the CBC have, I assume, elected officials who are there to represent you - duly, openly, and fairly chosen reps. So let them earn their keep and do their jobs. And if that's not good enough for the likes of you, then you have several choices:
- quit
- write them a letter
- voice your concerns openly to others
- or, I suppose you could always start a blog anonymously, post their pictures, and write reviews of their performance.
I consider this last option to be both disgraceful, and cowardly.
You apparently think it's neat and fun and even revolutionary-kinda-like.
I saw where you revealed text from an internal document.
In doing so, you crossed a line. No doubt, you thought that this document was so trivial that it didn't really matter, and it was. But it did matter, because it showed how far you will go to come up with "content", or grist for your mill. You crossed a line, and there's no guarantee where you'll stop. Especially when you have to feed the beast you've created, or risk loosing your readers. (I pictured you going through wastebaskets to find something, anything that would be sensational enough to keep your new-found 15 min. of fame going)
Proud of yourself?

Which is another thing I noticed about some of the people who butted into our conversation.

The Internet is incredible. Fantastic. Even amazing (like me).
It is an entirely and uniquely human expression, made possible by a pre-existing telephone network.
It is governed by laws, both technical, and the ones I referred to earlier.
To publish on the Internet, is an act of aggression - look at me, hear me, believe me!
You chose to get out there on the world wide web, not me.
You chose your topic and your words and your pictures, not me.
You chose to blog - a feature of your hi-speed connection and your computer - at no cost to you but your time.
Then you scream blue murder if anyone should tap you on the shoulder and "encroach" or interfere with your God-given "right" to self-expression, self-promotion.
I'm really sorry to be the one to tell you - I know how painful this can be - but I am a doctor (of feeling good) and I have spent many years on the Net learning to use it to do what I want, to make it my bitch.

You are a dimwit, Drone.

Now, would you like to have the light bulb from which you get your bright ideas turned up a smidge? Then pay attention. I'm taking pity on you, perhaps because I sense a growing fondness for me on your part, but mostly for those innocent bystanders like Ms. Zerbiasis who don't know what to make of all this.

I do not control you.

I'll repeat this, because this truth has escaped you as you peck away on your keyboard aiming your lame barbs of condescension at my limited intelligence (though amazingly superior to yours). I do not control you. I can't. I don't know who the hell you are, nor do I care who you really are. Because you are pond-scum.

You control you.
You decide what goes on your blog. You are the one who decides to "feature" pictures of Gremlins and make short-sighted remarks about someone so Amazing as me. You decided, not me, to maker me the headline.
What an utter fool. Playing into my hands like that. Giving me world-wide exposure (which indeed I do deserve due to my amazingness - in fact, at this very moment you are probably feeling the after-schocks of what has just been revealed to you, from the largess of my, amazing, wisdom)

Let's be really clear on this point, so that you and your thick-headed buddies can get on with life.
You control you.
Blogs have a feature. It's a "feedback" feature. And that feature, as you've found, is controlled by you. Even the content of the feature is controlled by you (more than you know). Not by me.
Because you can choose to turn of the feature of "posting", and you can even edit out anything that rubs you the wrong way. It is entirely in your control.
So, shall we take a boo at how you, Drone, exercised this power that you have.

Well, Drone, you disappointed me. Really. I had thought better of you until I saw how you dealt with the words of someone not in your select circle of dimwits. Someone who disagreed with you.
Instead of mounting a compelling argument against my position, you chose to censor me - without any justification. Instead of actually having to think, you just hit delete. Poof! Problem solved. (I hope no one is letting you near the news) You left up anything that served your purposes (self-aggrandizement), and deleted anything not consistent with your world view.
When I pointed out that your blog had committed/promised (by your own hand) that
"Comments from all sides are encouraged. And all will be treated with respect. Comments that are libellous or threatening will be deleted."
but that you were not living up to your side of the bargain, what did you do? Repent?
No, not someone of the caliber of character such as you.
Nope. Instead, your response was to ADD a further loophole for yourself, by subtly performing a revision to the above conditions - and the statement now reads:
"Comments from all sides are encouraged. And all will be treated with respect. Comments that are libellous or threatening OR JUST PLAIN CRAZY will be deleted."

Ah, you are just too smart for me. And naturally YOU will be the final arbitrator of what is K-RAZY, plain or with topping.
I wonder what the criteria will be - let me guess, if they agree with the Drone, fawn over the Drone, then they're NOT crazy.

As you can perhaps grasp by now, neither I nor any one else has control over what you put on your page. It's all your own fault. And you're proud of it.
( I was very touched by the blogger in Yellowknife who realized that she may have stepped over the line during the lockout, and now regretted her comments - that's someone I consider a better person than myself - but you, Drone, are an idiot)

My guess is that suddenly being confronted (by Amazingly Amazing - me!) got you so flabbergasted and discombobulated that you chose to stick your head up your dark place and couldn't find your way out.
They're just words, Drone, don't get your knickers in a knot.

But besides being an idiot, you are also a rude Drone. To label me mentally ill is not nice, not fair, and hurtful to those who do suffer from a mental disorder.
I am not a supporter of management, nor am I a supporter of the Guild. I am a supporter of something referred to as human dignity.
Please tell me how you can claim that I took "over a site" - I'd love to hear your explanation, and without the "deranged, bully, bitter enemy, creepy, menacing" adjectives - but hey, it's your keyboard, your fingers, your brain. Drone on.

The D-thing:"But rolling around in the mud with a creepy, threatening, pro management maniac is the last thing we want to do. Not when when we are trying to promote reconciliation. Not undermine it like Amazing."
You do have an odd way of "promoting reconciliation".
Try this - show your face to the people you've been slagging under the URL - - reveal your integrity, your courage, your true self. I suppose the Gang of Four is duly impressed with your method of "promoting reconciliation", as are your fellow Guild members, and the public who are exposed to the caliber of people working at the CBC via your efforts.

The D-thing:"To try to scare our blogs away. And discourage us from communicating openly and anonymously with each other.
Besides. I don't care. He won't be making any appearances here. Or if he does they will be short ones. I'll be moderating the comments from now on. He can have one. If he wants. To reply to this post. That's only fair. I might even allow him a couple of posts. Or I might not. But the rest of you can now post away."

I have never discouraged anyone from communicating openly. I do, however, take exception to the anonymous part. I think it's unhealthy and dangerous and misleading and unfair and stupid.
You say that I can have one post. Then let this be it. Unedited. Or go back and hide under your anonymous rock. Not that I have any control over you whatsoever. So stop blaming me for your inability to deal with a comment.
And stop trying to spread fear.
Toronto is lovely this time of year, the World's Biggest Bookstore is holding a birthday party today. Maybe Heather, another of my heroes, will be there.
And if you can ever find me, come by, I'm only a few blocks from where you get paid to work. We can talk, date, get married, have sex and raise a family - of goblins, no doubt.

Now, as I try to post this for the Drone and her legions of fans ... I notice that her vow to allow a posting actually comes with a catch - she's going to read it before it's allowed to be seen. Censorship is such a drag ...

7/11/05 18:34  
Blogger Amazing said...

Since you, FW, are not likely to abandon your bloggy efforts just yet ... may i humbly suggest that you post ONLY remarks that you're prepared to live with for the rest of your life, and in the event you are unmasked.

Keep this in mind - what you do here reflects on all freelancers for the CBC

Try and make them look good, and not like ungrateful jerks

'nuff said

Yours truly ... Amazing

7/11/05 18:40  
Blogger Amazing said...

And now, I have a question for the Watchdog ...
what makes you think that other freelancers are comfortable with your presentation here? Or do you not care?

As for your advice ... when did I say I was pro-union???

I think I have several good ideas of my own - in fact, I don't see anyone else in the world standing up to anonymous bloggers - which I consider no better than any other terrorists.
If anyone who was part of my professional group were to start doing faceless blogging "on our behalf" without being asked, I would consider it disgraceful, and not much better than juvenile deliquency.
I would also make an effort to put a stop to it.
So there.

(when you say "ideas expressed here represent some freelancers" - how many really is that?
I certainly don't see a lot of action at this site - and I think that says a lot.)

8/11/05 19:59  
Blogger Amazing said...

well, I guess you need time to think about these questions ...

but i'll pose one more ...

do you have any idea how absurd and trivial it is to blog anonymously?

as an adult, are you impressed by other phony bloggers?

9/11/05 13:01  

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