Thursday, November 03, 2005

Some Things Really Are Amazing

Someone calling him or herself “Amazing” has posted a couple of comments on this blog to which we would like to respond. Firstly "Amazing", I’d like you to tell me where I said that I represent all freelancers. I didn’t. The opinions and ideas expressed here represent some freelancers. The number of other blogs that have expressed similar views supports our ideas.

Mudslinging and name calling isn’t my style. Constructive criticism with facts, that may promote change, I like. If you would comment with your facts that refute the facts, opinions and arguments that have been put forth on this blog, we would welcome your input. And, that goes for anyone else with facts, ideas or opinions on either side of this issue. If that's you, please comment on the blog or e-mail us directly at (Any comments that have been deleted from this blog were spam.)

A word of advice to "Amazing". Just being pro-union doesn't mean you are anything more than a follower. Having ideas of one's own, sometimes creates change.