Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Congrats to Ottawa Temps

Congratulations to a group of temps (formerly casuals) in Ottawa for uniting and forming a national collective for CBC workers with similar concerns. “The National Temp Collective” (see indicates that temps, like freelancers, are not happy with either the CBC or what the CMG has done about their issues.

Another blogger, CBC Drone, recently wrote about how to deal with all the anger he has towards CBC management when going back to work.

Let’s take a serious look at how to direct that anger. CBC Management locked us out. None of us agree with that. But, our union would have led us into a strike if they hadn’t. The need for a National Temp Collective shows that not everyone agrees with the exclamation about the new agreement, “We won!”.

As the efforts of these temps and a lot of freelance experiences indicate, CBC Management, Human Resources, Business Affairs and the legal department will all abuse workers rights to get more for less. But, only to the extent that the CMG lets them. And, isn’t preventing abuse why we have a union in the first place? I have the most experience with freelance issues, but my experience tells me that the CMG is willing to open the flood gates for abusive practices against the most vulnerable.

If anyone is interested in joining a National Coalition of CBC Freelancers, please e-mail me at If you feel more comfortable intially being anonymous, that's fine. We'd still like to hear your thoughts on the handling of freelance issues. Eventually, if you decide to join the Coalition you will have to reveal your identity. As the Ottawa group knows, there is strength in numbers. We have options to deal with our issues.


Blogger Justin Beach said...

I'm a casual myself at the moment, and am more than willing to help casuals, temps and anyone else involved in public broadcasting.


12/10/05 19:22  

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