Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Freelancers Are People Too

Kudos to Noah Richler for his editorial in the September 14th Globe and Mail. Of the many journalists who have weighed in on the CBC Lockout, he is the first to see what's at the heart of the matter.
Richler has worked on contract at CBC. Like many of us freelancers and contract workers, he is a qualified and experienced journalist. Whether you call it contract, freelance, casual or temporary, it comes with many of the same problems. As Richler so poignantly noted, the CMG is happy to collect dues from non-permanent staff, but they provide little, if any, representation. They have what they call a "freelance branch". However, the difference between freelance and other non-permanent status is little more than semantics. That branch has done nothing to help me get a better contract or better status since the CMG was born. No such branch exists for other non-permanents. At the bargaining table, the CMG is more obsessed with limiting the number of us than with getting us a fair deal in the collective agreement.
The CMG says they don't want to allow CBC to create a "disposable" workforce. Then they should do the job they are getting paid to do and negotiate as vigorously for the working conditions and benefits of people with "disposable" employment status. If they did that, it might no longer be so appealing to management to have more of us.
All freelancers, casuals and contract employees out there, get after the CMG to represent you. Don't let the end of bargaining for this collective agreement go by without being sure you are included. Contact the CMG and tell them what needs to be discussed at the bargaining table on your behalf.


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