Sunday, September 25, 2005

Calling All Freelancers, Casuals and Temps

1. Do you feel that the current CBC/CMG collective agreement adequately covers the issues concerning non-permanent employees?

2. When your services are engaged by CBC are you offered more than one option re: the type of contract or employment status?

3. Do you receive the first draft of your contract well in advance of the assignment, to allow sufficient time to negotiate?

4. Do you feel the pay scales in the collective agreement for non-permanent employees are adequate to cover your job or the tasks for which you are contracted?

5. Are you economically dependent on CBC?

6. Is there a market for the work you do outside CBC, or is the work specific to CBC's needs?

7. If CBC calls you an independent contractor, do you have doubts that that is really what you are under the Canadian Labour Standards Code?

8. If you are a freelancer, are you satisfied with the information/representation you have received from the "Freelance Branch" of the union?

9. If you are in a non-permanent category other than freelance, do you think all non-permanents are entitled to a separate branch of the union, not just freelancers?

Please e-mail your thoughts on these questions, and other issues of concern to you, to

The postings that have been made on this site, to date, have led some people to think it is an anti-union site. The postings may not have been very complimentary to the CMG. I am in favour of the union's position not to allow CBC to become an employer that has an unlimited license to treat people the way they have been treating casual and freelance employees and some temporary employees, to date. However, I am equally in favour of the CMG giving good representation to the dues-paying members they currently have in those categories.

Like most CBC workers, in any job classification, I love my work, am proud of the quality of programming for which CBC has always stood, enjoy the company of my co-workers and believe in public broadcasting.

The outpouring of blogs, newspaper editorials and web stories from workers in freelance, casual and temporary classifications is astounding. How did it come to this is a unionized organization? Yet, the CMG does not treat this problem as a priority and is still not listening.

When the CMG tabled its recent "offer of settlement" (which was promptly rejected by the corporation), the covering e-mail that was sent to members said it included "better rights and fees for freelance workers". Upon reading the offer, some freelance members would actually be worse-off under it. For some reason, throughout its history, the "Freelance Branch" of the CMG has conducted itself as though workers on "Freelance Contributor" contracts were the only ones who deserve representation. Could this be because the President of the Executive Committee for this "branch" is a Freelance Contributor? It's a fair question.

Let's make the CMG listen to all its members. Contribute your comments and we will hold the CMG accountable until a new collective agreement is signed and beyond.


Blogger Voltaire said...

I'm not sure what you think you stand to gain by impugning the integrity of Don Genova. He understands exactly what's at stake.

The Guild's bargaining committee could ask for every one of the things you say you want - and while we're at it, why not triple all the rates? The trick is that the other side has to agree to it.

The proposal isn't perfect - no proposal is. But it's a step forward.

27/9/05 10:31  
Blogger A teacher and CBC lover said...

Different Union - Same Problem

Wow - the comments about the union not representing the casual and parttime people sounds just exactly like the comments I hear from OSSTF members who teach Adults.

Not surprisingly, the union caters almost exclusively to the fulltime workers.

After all, you wouldn't expect them to be overly concerned about the plight of an underrepresented minorty, would you? That's NOT what unions are about in the 21st century.

28/9/05 10:33  

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